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    PSiDEO is a global IT provider offering its clients a wide range of products and services in order to fulfill their IT needs.


Adaptive outsourcing

Services adapted to your need for outsourcing


IT as a Service

All-in-one package that includes hardware, software and IT Services at a fixed price per user and per month


Software engineering

Strong analysis and innovation of large business applications

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What makes the difference?

We aim to facilitate our clients operations toward their IT infrastructure. We offer solutions to ensure our clients an overall IT efficiency. What makes us different?

  • We focus on business needs and processes of our clients, IT is a facilitator.
  • We position IT outsourcing as a strategic approach
  • We perform an industrial approach which allows a long term efficiency
  • We offer a total integration into our clients infrastructure
  • We believe in multi-disciplinary, which allow our clients to interact with professionals with a global understanding of their infrastructure.

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